Updates have been kind of slow lately – the last part of winter wasn’t very active for restoration projects but spring has brought back the many yard sales, auctions, and antique shows where I typically find things to rebuild.  So far this year I’ve scored a set of penny scales and a goat wagon – none of which needed any major restoration.  I also got a candy store-sized brass cash register which will be the subject of a future post (when I find the time!)

Yet again though I bought myself a blanket chest – only this time it’s a domed top.   I’ve not seen one of these before and certainly don’t own one.  It was a perfect size to be a toy box for my son.  It features hand carved dovetail joints, wood nails, and is made from yellow pine (my favorite).

I found it at an antique show where I bought it off a guy who was packing up for the day.  It was white painted over brown and the paint was in rough shape.  Once again I was faced with the dilemma of leaving it “original” but I decided that since the chest was missing it’s original handles, hinges, and key – it was OK to ahead and refinish it completely.  I paid $50 for it….

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I bumped the sandpaper down to 60 grit and went to work…



After the first round of sanding….





Completely sanded.  I finished up with 180 grit.  About 2 hours total.





Two coats of Danish Oil (Golden Oak).  I also added the rope handles so it could be moved around and the chain to keep the lid from falling back.  I didn’t touch the inside of the chest…

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